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What Makes Me Crazy

Lean in for a second, friend. I want to tell you something that I feel should only be whispered. Actually, it probably shouldn’t be said but I’m going to say it because I’m feeling feisty about it.

It makes me out of my mind crazy when women say they are Christian but don’t act like it. Of course, I am likely a horrible offender in this area. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Matt 26:41)

So while I am busy digging the plank out of my own eye, let me tell you what I see around me in recent days. Women who lack grace for others, self-control and basic kindness are posting scripture verses in the Twitter bios.


I am SO confused by this. Come on, girls. Aren’t we all on the same team, wanting the best for one another? Or have we become so busy keeping up with the Jones’ and Kardashian’s that we have committed to take out anyone who gets in our way?

I see anger where I wish I saw grace. I see jealousy where I wish I saw celebration. I see lawyers where I wish I saw acceptance. I see bitterness where I wish I saw self-control. I see judgment where I wish I saw understanding. I see hate where I desperately wish I saw love.

I think maybe we have accepted narcissism in our lives as normal. We are always looking out for number one (and number one’s kids, who are also number one. It’s confusing, I know.) Our culture has shifted from ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’ To ‘If you can’t say anything nice, come sit by me.’

We used to be justice fighters for the weak and oppressed but now we just fight for ourselves and all the things we didn’t get that we feel we deserve. I see women getting angry when someone else gets something they want and no one can celebrate anything. We are trying like hell to shove an ‘i’ in the word ‘team.’


The way I see it, we have two choices. We can honor the verse we put in our Twitter bios by being kind, loving, grace-filled, understanding, and seekers of joy. Or, we need to take down those verses until we are ready to handle the responsibility of representing the One who gave up everything to be kind, loving, grace-filled, understanding and full of joy.

If we don’t choose correctly, the reality can be summed up by Jon Bon Jovi: “You give love a bad name.”  Y’all. That’s so bad.

There’s a catch, though. It’s the hardest of hard. But I have SO MUCH FAITH that we can do this. We each have to be willing to be honest about our contribution to the problem. We have to ask the question “Am I living the life my Twitter bio says I am?”

Regardless of the answer it’s time to be BRAVE. If you are living the life your bio says then I urge you to be brave and bold! Get louder! Love harder! The world, and women especially, need you to show us the way. Please don’t be shy, even if you are an introvert. We need your voice!

If you are living something different than your bio, you can be brave still. You can readjust, reset, re-do, re-start and more. God is the God of millions of chances and there is more than enough grace for us all. It’s a never ending supply of free, no-calorie, always in style, zero side effects, and joy-filled grace.

I admit it’s hard. I admit mess-ups happen. But WE CAN DO THIS. Because like Glennon Doyle Melton says, “We can do hard things.”

Yes we can.

Shaking The Dust

How do you stand tall in the face of persecution?

Of course, I am my own worst critic. I tend to be more critical of myself than anyone else but there are occasions where I feel I have been unjustly accused.

My daughter has recently gone through a tough time with another girl. I honestly don’t think anyone but circumstance is at fault but feelings have been hurt. I ran into the other girl’s mom the other day and approached her with the intention of trying to build a bridge so that we could help our kids together. She would have none of it, however.

The hurt she feels for her daughter goes deep and although my family didn’t have anything to do with it, she lashed out at me and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was fairly public so it wasn’t only awkward it was embarrassing. I left feeling hurt myself and frustrated at the situation.

Years ago, I probably would have crumbled under the pressure of feeling as though there was someone out there who didn’t like me. I would have felt the need to defend myself and I would have spent countless hours analyzing the situation both justifying myself and blaming myself. In my head I would know that it wasn’t my fault but in my heart, I would always wonder if it was.

I can’t stand the idea of not being liked. I believe I have a good heart and I work really hard to let people see that. Still, against my wishes, they sometimes see something in me that isn’t flattering and I feel judged, wrongly accused or persecuted. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying in any way that I am perfect or have perfect intentions all the time. I just know that for the most part, my heart is usually in the right place.

So it’s really hard when people don’t see it. Especially women. We are all in this together, right?

I have to remind myself that Jesus was the only perfect man who ever lived and a lot of people didn’t like him. They even crucified him. So if the Son of God can’t escape this type of persecution, why would I think that I would be different?

"If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words,
 leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet."
Matthew 10:14 (NIV)

Jesus was sending out the disciples to find lost sheep and offer healing to them. He knew there would be places they wouldn’t be welcome, however, so he instructed them when that happened to shake the dust from their feet and move on. There was simply no point in going on and on about it. There were plenty of people who would listen.

I sometimes wonder if the disciples ever got their feelings hurt when they felt rejected? Or, had they learned that critical lesson of moving on? It has taken me most of my adult life to get a grip on the concept that not everyone will like me. It’s okay. I just have to remember to shake the dust from my feet and move on.

I am not angry with the woman who gave me a piece of her mind. In fact, I am glad to know where we stand. I can walk away knowing this is not my battle and leave it to the Lord. I will continue on my way and linger with those who are open to my words, thankful for a God who shared the secret of feeling persecuted with me. Shake the dust off my feet.

How do you cope when you are feeling persecuted?

The School of Hard Knocks

I don’t know about you but there were plenty of times in my life where I had to take a class at the School of Hard Knocks. There were situations that didn’t even come close to working out the way I wanted and I actually had to suffer through the pain of disappointment. Often, the pain involved hurt feelings and scars that, although not visible on my skin, are thick with stories of all the times I didn’t get my way. Honestly, I hated every second of those classes.

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