Anne Watson is the author and creator of God Dots and is a christian women's speaker.


Anne Watson is a real, funny and fresh new voice in women’s ministry.

As a recovering perfectionist and former sleep-in-on-Sunday’s girl, Anne is passionate about helping women overcome their past experiences and negative beliefs to step forward into the future God has planned for them. With insightful messages, a fierce attitude and the occasional crossed line, Anne lays out how to authentically let Jesus rule your life and why you’ll never regret it. Anne will help you:

  • Get rid of the voice in your head that says “No!” and let yourself say ‘Yes!’
  • Kick your fear to the curb and take a risk for God. 
  • Jump for joy at the a-ha moments you discover in the Bible. 
  • Recognize God’s actual presence in your life today.
  • Trade perfectionism for a life that truly satisfies.

Born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Anne knew there was a God but never went to church. For all intents and purposes, she appeared to have an idyllic childhood but never let on to the pain and struggle of years of emotional abuse and severe bullying. This ordeal resulted in decades of insecurity, extreme people pleasing and gross perfectionism. The battle to overcome structuring her life around what other people think is still daily but through a genuine relationship with Him and heaps of grace, Anne is intentionally in the process of rooting out all the junk that occupies space in her head. 

Anne is an advocate for women everywhere who are tempted to believe any lie that the enemy has set before them. Her heart is for women to have a realistic relationship with God and Jesus so they can embrace their imperfect selves with joy. By demonstrating her slightly ADD, often-sarcastic relationship with God, Anne is crazy excited to show women that God does not make mistakes! Women are free to bring their broken, chaotic, imperfect lives to Him without the need to drop their personality at the door. Anne also has a passion for helping women who lead women navigate through the oft times choppy waters of ministry. Women need to stick together! 

As a former women’s ministry director in Frisco, Texas, Anne has helped hundreds of women connect God to their everyday lives. As the creator of God Dots and author of the GodDots.com blog, Anne loves to share stories of how God moves in her life and the people she loves the most. She spends most of her time trying to help women find an invisible God in a world of visible chaos. She says, “I don’t know what God was thinking when he put me in charge of a women’s ministry but it’s the best roller coaster ride I have ever been on. I just apologize for all of the screaming.”

She currently lives with her he’s-not-perfect-but-he’s-perfect-for-me husband of 21 years and three hilarious and gorgeous kiddos, Mckenzie, Megan and Max. If you are ever in the Dallas area, stop by to say hello. And if you happen to bring her a Grande, triple, soy, one-pump vanilla, stirred latte… you’ll have a best friend for life. 


Anne is always working on new messages and would be happy to discuss a custom message to meet the needs of your women.

If you have any questions or would like to book her for your next event, please click the button below to fill out her contact form.