Why I Hate Green Beans Recap: Lincee Ray Releases New Book

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I admit I had never heard of Lincee Ray before getting an email from her publisher who was looking for a review. (I did receive a free copy of the book but my thoughts and opinions are all my own.)

First, the cover and title intrigued me. I’m the type that does judge a book by its cover. Whatever. I went to the website and discovered her delightful world of recapping television's, The Bachelor. Once upon a time, I was a fan of the show but grew weary of them saying, “For the right reasons,” and “On this journey.” As it happened, my daughter convinced me to come back for this season, and I have to admit, it’s cheesy, mindless fun. I tend to root for the ‘producer’s pick’ now (the woman cast as the villain) now, just to keep it interesting.

Anyway, as a fan of pop culture in general, I instantly felt like Lincee was a soul sister. When the book arrived, I immediately flipped through it, impressed that The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, had offered an endorsement. Nicely done, Lincee. Since I'm from Texas, I read the chapter about the Dallas Cowboys first, and I can tell you it's a total mic drop story. High fives all around.

From the first chapter, I knew we were somehow separated at birth. Beginning with middle school insecurity, this self-deprecating and positively hysterical author delighted me. She seemed to know all of my hidden insecurities, and I’m certain if we lived anywhere near each other, we’d hang out. She feels like a safe friend.

Each chapter is a different story that will have you cringing and crying. Lincee is a fantastic writer gifted at being vulnerable, hilarious, and wise all at the same time. This book will entertain you, yes, but it will also comfort your soul. You may also decide to set your DVR to record the next season of The Bachelor. I highly recommend enjoying "Why I Hate Green Beans" by Lincee Ray.

Adored Review (and GIVEAWAY)

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I am the mom of two gorgeous, kind-hearted, but very busy and active young women. Both of them are in college and have little time to sit still enough to get a daily dose of God.

Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women by Lindsay A. Franklin may be the solution for them. This beautifully designed book has one short devotion per day that speaks in a language young women will understand.

In an ever-changing world filled with various challenges, Adored seeks to encourage and inspire with a variety of topics including friendships, social media, and bullying. Each short devotional is easy to read and sometimes funny. It won’t take more than a few minutes to read and may change your entire day for the better.

The days are ordered, but since they are not dated, women are free to go in order or bounce around to any entry they wish. Each gorgeous page has a few lines to make notes, and there are blank pages in the back if more space is needed. The Adored devotional is easy to make time for in my girl's busy lives.

I am sharing about this book for a few reasons:

1.      If you have girls who sometimes have trouble slowing down enough to hear from God, this may be the solution.

2.    With the holiday’s coming up, this gorgeous book would fit perfectly into any stocking.

3.    I am giving away one copy to anyone who leaves a comment about trying to get some Jesus into their girls.

To enter the giveaway, leave your comment before November 19, 2017. The winner will be selected at random! 

Lisa Lloyd's 'Chasing Famous' Prize Pack Giveaway

Chasing Famous takes a look at the reality of seeking personal fame, including the stress and uncertainty of each audition whether it’s in life or for a role. Through personal introspection and deeply moving stories, Lisa shares openly about the inner battles and the true costs that come from believing your value lies in the opinion of man. By shifting focus to using any platform we have to make the name of God famous, we open ourselves up to more abundant life, more meaningful relationships and the peace that transcends all understanding. 

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New Series from Women of Faith!

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A good bible study is like comfort food. Regardless of your situation or mood, you can dig into the pages of structured study and find nourishment for your soul. Of course, the same it true for reading the bible straight but for my slightly ADD brain, the structure helps keep me focused and there is nothing as satisfying as finding a nugget you are certain the Holy Spirit himself meant just for you. If you are anything like me, you simply cannot get enough.

That’s why I am so enamored right now with the newest bible study series from Women of Faith. I have long been a fan of their work but the release of these three titles opens a new door to access the hard-won wisdom of these remarkable women. With forewords by the inimitable Patsy Clairmont and Thelma Wells, you’ll have no choice to but fall in love with Building Your Strengths, Praying With Power, and Giving God Your Future. *

Going back to our comfort food analogy, you may have heard the phrase ‘you eat with your eyes first.’ This means that what you see is as important as the food itself to the senses. Right off the bat, I am in love with the bright colors and design of these three studies. Even more so, the layout in each short book is easy to read and follow with plenty of space for note takers. Each book is divided into twelve lessons and includes special features for digging deeper, prayer and more. It is ideally suited for an individual study but can also be done in a group using the leader guide located in the back.

More than that, each study is full of wonderful stories, practical examples, and tons of biblical wisdom that will transform you on your journey.  I have already given some as gifts! So if you are looking for your next great bible study, I highly encourage you to check out the newest series from Women of Faith. In fact, leave a comment today and you'll be entered to win one copy of each study! The winner will be drawn on Friday, February 17th! 

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